LaserEdge® EverSharp™ Mower Blade

LaserEdge® mower blades with the EverSharp™ cutting edge - Feel the difference for yourself! 


It's a given that commercial landscapers want to give you a lawn that looks great.  And the only way to get that great look is to use a sharp blade.  The problem the industry faces is that blades get dull way too fast.

Since commercial landscape contractors demand more equipment uptime to be successful, their equipment needs to be mowing lawns instead of in for blade maintenance.  That becomes a problem when blades can get dull in as little as four hours!

Fisher Barton solved this problem with our new LaserEdge® mower blade with the EverSharp™ cutting edge.  We applied an advanced, surface engineered material to the cutting edge, creating a blade that requires NO sharpening EVER for the life of the blade.

LaserEdge® mower blades -

  • Stay sharp all the time
  • Require NO sharpening over the entire blade life
  • Provide a high quality cut all the time
  • Help keep lawns disease resistant (grass is better able to take in moisture)
  • Can provide lower operating costs with up to 22% in fuel savings
  • Give landscape contractors more uptime, instead of costly blade changeover


LaserEdge® coating application

The LaserEdge® surface application is placed on the underside of the bevel.


Untreated bevel edge

Typical wear on a mower blade after use.  Notice the rounded, dull edge.  This blade is ready to be sharpened.


This is the opposite side of our test blade above with the LaserEdge® surface application.  Notice the self-sharpening feature show itself as the base material wears away.


LaserEdge® mower blades will be available through your Original Equipment Manufacturer and their dealer networks.  See your local dealer for ordering details.

Ask them to show you the LaserEdge® mower blade with the EverSharp™ edge that CUTS ITSELF SHARP!


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